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“Boycott excessive prices across Australia
keep prices low”

Are you a family, business or member of the public seriously fed up with;
  • Excessive retail price increases
  • Poor customer service
  • Intolerable service provider issues
  •  Unfair charges & fees / laws – public interest matters (Law reform) 
  • Corporate greed
  • Broken promises 
  • Gimmicks with reward schemes and Flybuys point systems or
  • Experiencing deceptive conduct

We sure R…   


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We-R1-One Pty Ltd, is an Independent Corporate Organisation specialising in uniting all Australians and rebuilding consumer confidence. We R Australia’s unique consumer protection  & competition intelligence agency, which creates true competition like never seen before and literally forces prices down.  
We R1 One focuses on 5 core business activities,
  1. Consumer protection –  (uniquely protecting your interests and retail purchases)
  2. Competition intelligence (uniquely forcing lower prices across the country)
  3. The uniting of millions of consumers – (uniquely bringing the public together as one mighty force) 
  4. Public interest matters / petition signing - (raising awareness of important matters)
  5. Law reform - (changing laws to better our future)
In addition to that; do you want to reduce your everyday $$$ expenses, put money $$$ back into your pocket and get the guaranteed lowest prices $$$ every time you visit one of these selected retailers? 
Well, if you or anyone you know spends money at any one of these industry providers or you answered “YES” to any one of these questions then your all perfect candidates and need to enact on the Australian spirit, support this cause and join millions of other dissatisfied consumers to make a real difference. You now have a place to air your complaints, join one agency that protects your rights in all our negotiations and have an exclusive opportunity to contribute in the first  company of its kind around the world in forcing spectacular price savings and create true competition like never seen before, between:
  • Major Utility – Electricity & Gas suppliers
  • Major Petrol, Diesel, LPG companies
  • Major Banking / Finance etc (NAB, CBA, Westpac, ANZ, Bendigo, Bank of Queensland etc)
  • Major Airline companies (Virgin, Qantas, Tiger, Jetstar etc)
  • Major Supermarket chains (Coles, Woolworths, Aldi,  etc)
  • Major Retailers (Myer, David Jones, Harvey Norman, The Good Guys etc)
  • Major Telecommunication companies (Telstra, Vodafone, Virgin, Optus etc)
  • Major Insurance Companies (AAMI, RACV etc)
  • Major Retail Chain stores (JB Hi-Fi, Autobarn, Supercheap Auto etc)
  • Government and Public Interest matters – Petitions, Voting, Law Reform Etc.
  • Mega stores (Costco, Bunning’s, Lowes, IKEA, Masters, etc)
  • Taxi Services, Movie Cinemas and Much Much more due to be released

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Founders of True Competition  takes registrations from all over the World and benefits every member from every house hold who has en expense that fits the above categories. We now have multiple followers from the United States, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, Korea and Australia to mention a few. We-R1-One represents all ages, from teens, adults, pensioners and businesses whom have expenses that fit our categories above. Do you want to save 25%, 40% plus on your bills and other expenses across all the industries above? Do you want to receive 100% back from any commissions We-R1-One may be successful in obtaining throughout our negotiations? It’s all up to you and you joining us. Commissions can add up to hundreds and thousands of dollars. Try our calculator (click here or on right pane) to see your potential savings add up to thousands of dollars before your eyes, (any commissions you may receive are a bonus to any of your savings).

Word Breaking Phenomenon slashing expenses and changing competition forever

We are the first corporate organisation of it’s kind in the World to create such a powerful and unique form of true competition. This means forcing competition between Billion Dollar companies who provide services to  all consumers and average householders – without opening a shop front that directly competes with them for; Market share of comparable products, masses of customers, prime real estate locations and or using major strategic marketing and advertising campaigns.

How this affects you and you regain control

If someone took away our any one of these items, Wages, Water, Electricity, Gas, Groceries, Clothing and or Petrol we may not be able to function well as a Society or support our family. Equally as important is that without your $$$ dollar, your customer demand and your loyalty to stay with any one of the above suppliers, these providers can not and will not be able to survive in the capitalist world and make multi-millions or billions of dollars in revenue and profit. We have a number of strategic plans to create lower prices. Boycotting is one powerful tool to express your personal dissatisfaction and can make a real impact ensuring someone will listen to your concerns. Controlling where our dollar is spent is another powerful tool and our consumers will reward those retailers that guarantee the lowest prices.

According to Core Data research at present there are over 1 million consumers wanting to change banks now. From the 16 September 2011, Petrol sky rocketed .23 cents and hit $1.52 per litre. Hundreds of thousands of consumers have lodged complaints with the their respective Ombudsman due to Telco, Energy and other service provider complaints, estimated electricity meter readings and excessive price increases. Major supermarkets own around 70% of petrol stations and are conning you to spend hundreds in supermarkets to get  little or no value in return (5 to 10 cents off fuel) as they increase petrol by 0.25cents to recover costs. Are you a one of these consumer victims That is how the suppliers have the control over us individuals, so lets join forces now, “No more puppets on a string, lets cut the ties and control this thing”

The only way to lower costs is to be smart and fight back. Become a member with as we hold the solutions “to your excessive price problems”. Turn the tables and regain power by joining We-R1-One Pty Ltd, as we  are the inventors of “True competition” and Whold the key to creating exceptional savings. Become an important link in Australia’s largest consumer network by becoming one united and powerful force of consumers.

By doing this;

  1. We R empowered again  
  2. Major companies lose their control over us (no more puppets on a string)
  3. As a result we then regain the legal control over the providers / suppliers
  4. We choose the path of our own destiny
  5. We choose the options of where our dollar goes
  6. We support the company that offers us the best value for our hard earned dollar
  7. We also recommend that all consumers do their best and continue to support independent suppliers (over major retail outlets) which will send a message to create competition in the market place and keep prices low.

Can you think of a better solution? ”Enough is enough Australia, every second costs you money!, So come and join the We-R1-One Army!”   We R 1,  R you 1 ?


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  • 100% of any commissions returned back to you
  • Lowest Prices across Australia
  • Supplier Locked Down Prices
  • Simplified Charging
  • To get YOU Better Service
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Let's do something about Public Interest Matters concerning all Australians.
  • Installation of Smart Meters
  • Do we need a Carbon Tax?
  • A National Anti Crime and Corruption Commission?
  • Boycott Excessive Prices
  • Vote them In and Out
  • Uniform Laws Across Australia?
  • The Live Animal Export Trades?
  • Do we need an Election now?

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